Jello on My Shirt


By Rev. Regina Pope

They awakened from their nap after resting from a full morning of playing and exploring. The three year old and one year old boys walked slowly to the kitchen, shaking off the effects of a midday break. As they approached the counter where a snack was being prepared, their little faces lit up with delight when they realized that their afternoon snack would be a small plastic container filled with Jello. As the one year old was being hoisted into his high chair, the three year old climbed into his booster seat and declared “I want a green one”! I responded to the request with an assuring “okay”. As I continued preparing the Jello, their excitement began to excite me! I had hoped that what was selected not only met their needs, but it would be something they really enjoyed.

I finished spooning the Jello onto little plates and gave them their spoons. As expected and to my delight, it didn’t take them long to devour the Jello. I walked over to the three year old to check on his progress and with an empty plate and table littered with fragments of Jello he looked up and asked for some more. I hurried to the kitchen to get another cup of green Jello and put it on his plate. As I was walking away he said, “This Jello is GOOD”! I couldn’t stop smiling. Those brief words of encouragement inspired me to want to give him more. Had I possessed the resources, I would have given him an 18 wheeler filled with green Jello!

After they finished their Jello, I went to get them down from their seats and there were remnants of green Jello EVERYWHERE! They had Jello on their shirts, on their pants and of course on the table and high chair. I grabbed a cloth and wiped as much of the Jello off as possible, but the three year old had on a white shirt and it was stained with green Jello. As soon as their little feet hit the floor they took off and began to run and play with renewed energy. The neat freak in me wanted to change the stained shirt, but every time I looked at them playing without a care in the world I decided leave them alone, and eventually it didn’t bother me that he had Jello on his shirt. They were at home and enjoying themselves. The Jello on his shirt didn’t mean he was a mess and it represented more than just a stain. It was a reminder of something that was good to him and I no longer felt the urgency to change it.

I learned a big lesson from those little guys that day. We often want to wipe off or change the evidence of the goodness of God because others may not understand it or appreciate it when they see it. We downplay God’s favor and blessings because it is more common to be in a season of difficulty or require encouragement and uplifting. God is longing for believers who will allow His goodness to be seen on them without shame or fear of judgment. He wants us to walk around with His Jello on our shirts, reflecting the good and perfect gifts that can only come from Him. We must stop being hesitant to speak of God’s favor because we don’t want to appear proud or boastful. Psalm 34:2 says, “My soul will boast in the Lord” and Psalm 44:8 says “In God we make our boast all day long”. If we who know Him and love Him don’t boast about the good that God has given us, who will? God gets excited when we are excited and it is His desire to let his goodness show on us and flow through us. The world is perishing because our boasting primarily occurs within the walls of the church or the safety of our homes. We need to tell the world about the goodness of God. How He gives us “green Jello” when we ask and how much fun it is to serve Him. We know it works because entire towns and households came to know Jesus because men and women were not afraid to wear the remnants of God’s goodness on their shirts.

God is going to be good to us because He loves us. Make Him excited by your excitement. Tell Him, “this Jello is GOOD!” and wear your Jello on your shirt! Don’t wipe it off and don’t worry about what people may say when they see it. Let the Jello on your shirt be a constant reminder of what you mean to God.

Biography: Reverend Regina H. Ingram Pope accepted her call to preach and teach the gospel in 1998. She began to serve under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Ruth Allen Ollison, Pastor of Beulah Land Community Church, receiving her license in 1999 and being ordained in 2003. Having received a call to move to San Antonio, Texas in 2008, Reverend Pope now serves at New Creation Christian Fellowship, under the leadership of Bishop David M. Copeland and the Rev. Dr. Claudette Anderson Copeland.

Reverend Regina has worked in the field of Facility Management for 20 years and currently works for Citibank as the Vice President of Real Estate Management for the Midwest Region. managing 1.8 million square feet in properties located in San Antonio, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Boise, Milwaukee, Seattle and Roy, Utah.

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