“Brethren, if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and someone turns him back, … he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins” James 5:19-20

Last month we began the year renewing our commitment to “W” – WORSHIP. We commit to personal (my own), private (without an audience) scheduled, persistent (no matter what) worship. Pray without growing weary. Sing to God. Remind God of who He is to you. What we do in the ‘secret closet’, God rewards openly. (Matthew 6:6) BEFORE ANYTHING, FIRST, WE WORSHIP!

When we worship, we WIN!! We win sinners to our Christ. We win skeptics to seek salvation. Why? Because they witness what is REAL IN OUR LIVES.

After I worship, I become INSPIRED. My soul awakens. My joy springs forth. Heavy dark attitudes evaporate. Negativity becomes subject to divine hope. Conversation changes!

When I am inspired, my life and attitude become INVITING. Here is the crux of EVANGELISM. People want to know what I have, and I can lead them to the fountain of waters which has satisfied my own soul.

Evangelism is not condemning or judging. Evangelism is not arguing about church membership or denominational practice. Evangelism is SHARING THE GOOD NEWS—“Jesus died and rose again to pay the price for our sins! We can live FREE on earth, and live FOREVER with God after we leave here.” Hallelujah!!

Just Do It.

1) Start by engaging in down to earth conversation. Enter where they are. Listen before you talk. Be a person. Be a friend.

2) See (discern) their point of pain, pressure or problem. Find out his or her passion. Each person has an entry door where you can enter with the “offer.” Humbly and gently let them know that “God wants to heal your pain”. “God wants to use your life and passion for an eternal purpose.”

3) Say! Explain the simple truth. “God has a wonderful plan for your life. Ask: Can you

(A) accept the fact that God loves you—no matter what you have done, or where you have been (John 3:16) ? Can you

(B) believe that even though we have all sinned and come short, that Jesus Christ is our way OUT of the mess we are in (Romans 3:23)?Can you

(C) confess that you are away from God, but that you want to change your way of living (repent)? (Luke 15:7) Good NEWS! This is your moment to yourself to God!” (John 6:37)

4) Seize the opportunity. People will have arguments and resistance. People will divert and detour the conversation as did the woman at the well with Jesus. (John 4-Read the entire chapter) Expect that. Even if they are unsure or unready, be bold enough to ask: “May I pray with you?” Sensitively ask God on that person’s behalf. Pray for their stated needs. Then ask the Father to forgive sin, turn the heart, and open their understanding to the love of God. If they will, ask them to repeat after you a short but sincere prayer of repentance, and let them know BY FAITH, they receive salvation the moment they ask Christ to come in to their life!

THE ‘E’ is for evangelism. And it is the assignment of every Christian. Look around each day for your particular MISSION FIELD. Let God use YOU to win a soul! Now…go practice!!

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