Thanksgiving 2016

Hey Good Morning to You!

This is the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I just wanted to remind you that in spite of what's going on around you, don't let it affect what's going on in you!

This is a time to give thanks to the Lord for His sustaining power...

To give thanks to the Lord for keeping us in our right minds...

To give thanks to the Lord for not letting the bottom drop out of our lives, even though systems try to take you down into the pit!

I want you to stay encouraged!

I want you to know it is God's time and God's demand to call forth the divinity in YOU and let it work well with the humanity that is having to operate in world systems.

Keep on following me.

Keep on listening for the Word of the Lord.

But most of all, have a marvelous Thanksgiving fellowship with you and your kinfolks.

When we come around to the table, let's not fight this year.

Let's have a good time...

Keep the dysfunctions minimal and the Thanksgiving maximal.

I love you a whole lot. I'll be hollering at you...


I love you!

~Rev. Dr. Claudette A. Copeland

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